Domaine Terre de Velles,

Puligny-Montrachet, Les Referts 2011-2017

tasting & film

Sophie and Fabrice Laronze bought this vineyard in 2011, so the influence of the work they have done in the vineyard begins to show I think in the heightened since of energy and intensity in the past couple of vintages.

“We are organic as we can – never use herbicides – spraying against oidium and mildew we try to be organic, however at the flowering we must be prudent. No insecticides.” 

“There is a nice percentage of clay and limestone. There is an ideal proportion. You have the earth, but also the stones for the minerality. It is easy for us to plough and the stones store the the heat. Not a very rich soil as have a lot of white stones in it. Drains well – we know we will have no problems managing this vineyard. We can always drive here.”

Tasting Notes 

Puligny Referts 2017

This is bright and zesty. There is ripeness and juiciness. Tastes riper than the 2016, less ripe than 2015 and much brighter than 2015. Vigour. More fruity driven maybe at the moment. so succulent and fresh. It is somewhere between 2015 and 2016. Score 18.55. From 2023/4

“The climate of 2015, but higher yield and so more balanced,” says Sophie.

Puligny Referts 2016

Bottled end of February in 2018. Not affected much by the frost. Pure and lemony. Good density on the nose. It is compact. There is savoury minerality which combines with very nice acidity. There is good tension.  I like the elegant, vibration on finish. I really rather like this. For the moment – all the elements in here. it looks very good indeed. Score 18.5. From 2023

Puligny Referts 2015

This is rich, more golden on the front palate. Spicy and buttery. Powerful and much more buttery. There is a broader palate. The minerality holds the palate together. Not as precise on the finish as 2016 and 2014, but coming into its own. Very powerful and dense. Smoky minerals on the finish. Score 18. from 2021

*Puligny Referts 2014

Cucumber freshness. The palate strike is tight and mineral.  Fresh and linear Referts. There is a tension on finish. Sharp edges. Channelled and elegant. Straight, pure and edgy and under the fresh fruit you taste the minerality. A salty, fresh finish. Fine and intense. Very pure. I love the style but perhaps might expect a touch more complexity for this excellent white vintage, but I am sure that would be there now with the work they have done in the vineyard Score 18.45. from 2020

Puligny Referts 2013

There is a change in colour with the 2013 after which the colour become more golden in 2013, 2012 and 2011. Showing development on the nose, asparagus, hay and vanilla. I do not especially like the nose or the greener profile on the palate. Evolving much more quickly. Has a green bean character. It is straight and lightish bodied for Referts. Tasting well now..there is minerality, but with a herbaceous edge…It is a tad lean. Decent length.  Score 17.5. Drink now.

Puligny Referts 2012

Hail and low yields and so a lot of density. is still quite battened down, but with the density of citrus fruits. This is rich, generous. Thicker texture. Sweetness of candied lemon. The vintage character really marks the wine. Too young. Impressive, but maybe lacks vibrancy. (I think this would be more energetic with the work in the vineyard Fabrice and Sophie have done now.) Score 18.15 I would leave it a couple of years. It’s too rich now. From 2020/21

Puligny Referts 2011

An elegant rather fresh aroma. This is much lighter than the 2012 and more in balance and harmonious. Fresh, medium bodied with more clarity than the 2013. It is tasting well now. All in place. Modest concentration. Showing evolution in a touch of hay and nuts. Score 17.75. From now – and should continue to evolve. Not going to give much more. Lacking that spark and depth, but very pleasant. Drink now and over the next couple of years.


UK: Raeburn