Past Vintage Reports

These reports contain a wealth of information. Fine Burgundy is not only expensive, but requires maturing, making it important to select the best quality for your cellar and the style to suit your palate. Use the reports to make educated decisions when buying past vintages whether from a merchant, a broker, at auction or on the internet. These reports provide an impartial analysis of the vintage; how each of the villages performed, the premier and grand crus which stood out and those which underwhelmed. It”s not just about the quality, but the style and this is often divided, depending on when the domaine in question harvested..and how the fruit was handled in the cuverie. A snap shot (see below) maybe helpful, but selecting the right wine is in the detail.

This information is also helpful when selecting fine, and expensive, Burgundy from restaurant wine lists.

For those with the vintages below in their cellar, the reports provide a detailed insight into the wine, how it came to be, how it compares with other vintages and when to drink it.

2004 Vintage Report

Difficult Vintage for reds. Cold conditions suited whites.

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2005 Vintage Report

Excellent, structural reds.

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2006 Vintage Report

Fairly classic, fruity wines, but watch out for pitfalls.

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2007 Vintage Report

A lighter, but elegant vintage.

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2008 Vintage Report

 Cool conditions delivered firm whites and leaner, spicy reds

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2009 Vintage Report

Sunny conditions produced glamorous, rich wines.

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2010 Vintage Report

Top quality, stylish reds. Good whites

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2011 Vintage Report

Lighter, fresh reds and whites.

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2012 Vintage Report

Rich textured whites. The style and quality of reds is divided.

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2013 Vintage Report

Charming red fruit vintage and pleasant whites

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2014 Vintage Report

Wonderful whites. Pleasing reds.

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2015 Vintage Report

Top quality reds on both côtes, ripe but exuberant. Forward, fruity whites.

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