An insider’s view on Burgundy. This is a place for articles, profiles and opinions. The topics will be diverse. Some briefings will be short, shared opinions; others longer in-depth contemplation on a subject, such as the feature on ploughing. Some will be light-hearted, others more serious. I will use it to consider current issues in Burgundy. To begin there will be several briefings on the current market in and for Burgundy posted over the next few months. These will tie in with films. I aim to post something once a month, possibly more often. The films will be changed more regularly. 


Some Like it Hot

Should we be worried by the trend for warm summers and early harvests?

A quick look at the 2003 vintage gives us reason to hope.

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Burgundy – victim of its own success or opportunity knocks?

Who is not seduced by the picturesque village of Pernand-Vergelesses and the majestic curve of the hill of Corton with its grand cru vines. If Charlemagne was among the first, the latest is US entrepreneur and football club owner Enos Stanley Kroenke…

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Winners & Losers on the Hill of Gold: Breaking the cycle. Frédéric Mugnier reins in the Musigny.

Supply of Burgundy has been tight since the generous 2009 vintage. Meanwhile international demand has risen pushing the price of many of the grand and top premier crus ever higher…

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Winners & Losers on the Hill of Gold: Turf Wars

While a small minority have made greedy increases in price, the vast majority have not, but land prices are a different matter…

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Winners & Losers on the Hill of Gold: the domaines

So who’s profiting. Obviously the domaines, I hear you say. Well, yes and no…

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What makes Burgundy so special and why are wine lovers and investors prepared to pay thou-sands of pounds a case for some grand cru?

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The horse drawn plough is a comforting sight. It recalls a slower, more natural pace of life and simpler methods of agriculture, the polar opposite…

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